Recycling Made Easy

Recycling Made Easy

When it's this simple to recycle, why wouldn't you?

Is it hard for you to get to and from the recycling center? Does your business collect a lot of recyclables at once? Shelly's Redemption Center will come to collect your cans and bottles right from your front door. Whether it's just a one-time pickup for a Kans for a Kure drive for routine recycling pickup services, we'll make sure your recycles go to the right place.

We have flexible pickup times and will make sure we work around your schedule. Call today to schedule our residential or commercial recycling services.

You don't even have to get out of your car

To make recycling more accessible for you, we offer curbside drop off assistance for our handicapped or senior neighbors. Just honk your horn when you pull up and we'll come to grab your bags out of your car, whether it's just one bag or a whole truckload.

Don't throw away your recyclable materials because it's more convenient. We make recycling easy and rewarding. Bring your bottles and cans to Shelly's Redemption Center today.